ALEX WAYT King Tut’s, Glasgow, August 12 *

August 21, 2011

There’s a good reason why, despite the longevity of his music career, it’s unlikely you’ve ever heard of singer/songwriter Alex Wayt. After 30 minutes tonight it was all too apparent just why he’s slipped under the radar.

Musically-misguided, charisma-deficient and sporting a look best described as Miami Vice, Wayt spoke in cliches and sang his school-boy lyrics with the kind of cheesy veneer that made stifling laughter an ongoing challenge.

Despite the small but vocal crowd’s support, there was no getting past the dated music, cringe-worthy delivery and general dearth of inspiration on display during the course of what was a quite woeful set.

Watch the video for Alex Wayt’s ‘Take Your Time’ Live


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