THE LOW SUNS Glasgow, King Tut’s, August 11 * *

August 21, 2011

There was a moment tonight when The Low Suns looked set to win over the small crowd. Unabashedly aiming for what their manager called “stadium pop”, Bad Kids seemed to have got those facing the stage onside thanks to its hooky euphoric chorus. But as it turned out it was to be a one-off. The audience’s attention soon waned, chatter rose and the crowd thinned.

What probably did the Londoners’ chances of making an impact the most harm, if you discount singer Jack Berkeley’s ‘X Factor’ delivery, was Never Going To Care. A truly dreadful track which, had this been 1988, would have been snapped up as filler for the Working Girl soundtrack.

Watch the video for The Low Suns’ ‘Never Gonna Care’

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