It’s reassuring that despite Scotland’s love of lad-rock, new self-proclaimed kings of the genre Viva Brother have failed to take the country by storm despite writing what singer/guitarist Lee Newell has described as “the best songs of the last 20 years.”

Truth be told, like their last visit to Glasgow, tonight the five-piece did little to suggest their songs are destined to receive the ultimate lad-rock accolade and make the move from venue to football ground anytime soon.

The best that could be said of the Slough outfit’s set was that final number Darling Buds Of May has a memorable hook, however whether you’ll want to remember it is another matter.

Watch the video for Viva Brother’s ‘Darling Buds of May 

With The Fratellis on hiatus after the Glasgow trio’s second album Here We Stand flopped, and Codeine Velvet Club barely in existence a year before commitment issues led to his departure, Jon Fratelli has returned, this time as a solo artist.

Tonight he and his band, which for some reason included a second drummer alongside Fratellis sticksman Mince, played a clutch of largely uninspired tracks from debut album Psycho Jukebox.

As you’d expect, the hometown crowd were on side throughout, most vocally during the Fratellis’ tracks which littered the set, but overall it was an underwhelming performance which offered few surprises.

Watch the video for Jon Fratelli’s ‘Santo Domingo’