Returning to Glasgow to promote second solo album Women + Country, Jakob Dylan (yes his dad is indeed Bob) appeared a cool, calm and collected figure as he and his backing band hit the stage.
He remained so even in the face of sound which throughout tonight’s show never quite made the grade. Shrill bursts of feedback and a complete lack of bass might have caused some artists to complain but Dylan took it in his stride.
At times during the more atmospheric numbers the singer/guitarist prompted an almost dream-like state thanks to the effortless flow of the music and in particular Jon Rauhouse’s pedal steel guitar playing, but like a dream too often the songs blurred and were soon forgotten, replaced by the next in a succession of pleasant rather than compelling rock-infused country tracks.
It was a trend that continued for the duration of a set which at times seemed never-ending. Thankfully a rousing encore, complete with hit One Headlight, went some way to making amends for what was overall a routine performance.