King Tut’s, Glasgow, January 21 * * * *

Tonight marked San Diego quintet Delta Spirit’s first visit to Scotland, but judging by the very vocal response garnered from the meagre crowd it won’t be long before they return to play in front of a considerably larger audience.
Their cause is sure to be helped come March when the band release debut album Ode To Sunshine, an LP which received glowing reviews when it hit the shelves in the US last year.
Tonight they found themselves sandwiched between two local bands to ensure punter numbers didn’t dwindle, but the promoters needn’t have worried as the crowd only grew in size as the five-piece worked their way through an impressive collection of soul-infused indie-rock numbers.
Bleeding Bells proved the perfect opener. Sprawling, drenched in distorted guitar and with its chorus possessing a distinctly uplifting vibe it guaranteed Delta Spirit had the crowd’s full attention from the start.
After less successful new song Bushwick Blues came and went in a semi-dirge, the five got back on track with Parade, singer Matthew Vasquez’s gravely, soulful vocal stealing the show.
With his voice failing due to his exertions in Leeds the previous night, Vasquez and his associates rattled through final number Crippler King and in the process rounded off a thoroughly entertaining performance in some style.