Academy, Glasgow, August 24 * * * *

It’s two years since Eels last appeared in Glasgow. Tonight the five-piece, resplendent in beards and shades, returned with a new album to promote – Tomorrow Morning – their second this year.

Led by songwriter Mark Oliver Everett, better known as E, there was a distinctly reverential atmosphere in the air tonight as the band seamlessly worked their way through a career-spanning set.

But it wasn’t to be your standard performance where songs are faithfully reproduced note for note, instead new arrangements featured prominently giving songs like Mr E’s Beautiful Blues, played to the tune of Twist and Shout, My Beloved Monster and In My Dreams a new slant.

The approach added a sense of occasion to proceedings. E didn’t have to do much talking, instead the music and his well-honed band, were left to shine.

Spectacular Girl was easily the pick of the new material while for its extended, guitar-fuelled instrumental sections there was no beating Fresh Blood.