Stereo, Glasgow, June 9 * *

Trying to follow his boss Dave Grohl’s example by getting out from behind his kit to try his hand at being a frontman was always going to be a tricky proposition for Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. Few have succeeded making the leap from the back to the front of the stage.
At least he didn’t strap on a guitar, instead the diminutive drummer was centre stage perched behind his kit pounding out relentless beats and singing as if his life depended on it.
Playing tracks from latest album Red Light Fever, Hawkins’ song writing skills were called into question almost immediately with the first few numbers Not Bad Luck, Louise and Hole In My Shoe feeling particularly dated and uninspired.
The quartet’s cause was further hampered by overly complicated arrangements full of uneasy tempo changes and bouts of endurance-testing drums.
It’s maybe no big surprise that Hawkins’ energetic drumming dominated proceedings. For much of the set it all but obliterated his vocals, but given the quality of his voice it was ultimately no great loss.