King Tut’s, Glasgow, November 11 * * * *

Critical acclaim doesn’t necessarily translate into ticket sales, a fact Jay Reatard must be only too aware of as, like his last trip to Glasgow, it was another dishearteningly poor turn-out for the Memphis songwriter.
His energetic brand of garage-punk has earned him numerous plaudits and, after debut album Blood Visions, a deal with highly-credible New York label Matador, through which sophomoric LP Watch Me Fall was released back in August.
The right tour support in the UK would surely boost his profile as once you’ve seen Jay Reatard live you’re unlikely to forget him. The word that sprung to mind throughout what was a rapid-fire seventeen-song set was ‘onslaught’.
Accompanied by a drummer and bassist, Reatard launched assault after assault with the help of his Flying V and swathes of distortion. Pausing for breath wasn’t an option, for the band or the crowd. Song after song either bled into the next or titles were barked through a mess of sweat-drenched hair.
Gloriously raucous, See Saw and Faking It rattled along at blistering pace while There Is No Sun’s more overtly melodic side and uplifting chorus was the pick of the new tracks. Final number Trapped Here brought the attack to an end in considerable style, the song’s jammed finale ensuring the few of us in attendance went home happy.