This may have been singer/songwriter Lissie’s third time in Glasgow but tonight was the night she made the leap from support act to star turn. Kicking off her first headline tour in the city will certainly have given her a lot of encouragement as throughout, the sold-out crowd were eager to show their appreciation for the Californian.

Playing tracks from her debut album Catching A Tiger, Lissie proved an endearing presence from start to finish. Clearly enjoying herself and the reaction to songs like Little Lovin’, Cuckoo and When I’m Alone provoked, her energetic delivery and soulful, bluesy vocals made forgiving the middle-of-the-road nature of some tracks easy.

Best showcasing her song-writing and vocal talents, Wedding Bells and Bully were early highlights but overall it was In Sleep that showed Lissie in the best light. More adventurous, mixing a grungy attack with a 70s groove, the song even survived an at times noodley guitar solo.

Returning to Glasgow in December to play the ABC, the likeable singer can expect another lively reception from her burgeoning fan base.