Mando Diao @ Oran Mor 13-09-09

September 20, 2009

Oran Mor, Glasgow, September 13 * * *

Household names in their native Sweden, huge in Germany, Mando Diao will be attempting to replicate that success in Britain with their soon-to-be-released fifth album Give Me Fire. However cracking the UK will be an altogether tougher task than mainland Europe where chart success and credibility don’t often go hand in hand.
On tonight’s showing it’s hard to imagine the five-piece’s appeal spreading through these isles. It’s not that they were particularly bad it’s just that they weren’t particularly good either.
Following a simple formula, the band gave it their all throughout but the linear nature of songs like Sheepdog, Mean Street and If I Don’t Live Today I Might Be Here Tomorrow meant surprises were in short supply.
At times there was a cartoon quality to their delivery and music – High Heels wouldn’t be out-of-place in an episode of Scooby Doo – but by and large their infectious enthusiasm carried them through.
One musical bright spot came in the shape of God Knows but given it was the final track, before a distinctly underwhelming encore, it was a long time to wait. Still for the most part it was an entertaining showing from the Swedes, albeit not always for the right reasons.