Stereo, Glasgow, July 14 *

Tonight was The Birthday Massacre’s first and with any luck last Scottish show. It’s not that the Canadian six-piece weren’t entertaining at times, it’s just that when they did entertain it was for all the wrong reasons.
From the off it was hard not to snigger at the frequent bouts of synchronised pogo-ing, the clich├ęd posturing and singer Chibi’s laboured presence. Equally it was difficult to stifle the yawns that all too often accompanied songs devoid of ideas.
Add into the equation watery sound and it all became a bit like a school band playing the assembly hall – not that perfect sound would have made much difference. Opener Red Stars epitomised the sextet’s brand of ethereal electro-goth-rock, occasionally menacing but ultimately limp.
Without the hooks capable of backing up their grandstanding tendencies the music became secondary and, consequently, the delivery comedic. It meant any sinister undertones took on cartoon dimensions. Not that that deterred the pocket of diehards who bounced and clapped when prompted.
Video Kid provoked the most shrieks of delight from the small predominately female audience but with the initial mini hysteria and the atmosphere it generated short-lived, it was a minor blip of excitement in an otherwise boring night.