Stereo, Glasgow, January 17 * * * *

Bands preaching the virtues of Glasgow crowds is nothing new. Often these platitudes feel rehearsed and unnatural, but even the most ardent cynic would have found it difficult to stifle a smile every time Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti told his Little Joy band mates and the crowd at large, how amazing it was to be here. As it turned out the feeling was very much mutual.
Thanks to the camaraderie of their performance, the strength of their songwriting and the infectious enthusiasm of singer/guitarist Rodrigo Amarante, it really was a night to remember at Stereo.
Full of energy and with a very natural presence guitarist Moretti, Amarante and third member multi-instrumentalist Binki Shapiro clearly enjoyed themselves throughout but especially on the stripped-down, jazz-infused Unattainable, the song ending in a fit of giggles. As the set progressed the three, complete with backing from excellent tour support The Dead Trees, got more and more relaxed, as a result the music flowed with an effortless cool.
Before a rousing and hugely entertaining encore of Paul McCartney’s Eat At Home the band, numbering eight by the end, had trooped off stage to the kind of adulatory response usually saved for hometown heroes – little wonder given the huge joy experienced by players and watchers alike for “final” number Brand New Start.