King Tut’s, Glasgow, January 20 * * * *

Having a singer/violinist for a frontman is not always a winning combination, especially when it comes to indie-rock – anyone for Story One, no didn’t think so. Tonight however Cardiff three-piece Threatmantics showed it’s a variation that can work.
Second on a four-band bill, the trio’s ramshackle display was a hit with a sparse crowd who barely managed to number thirty. The inevitable lack of atmosphere may have made singer/violinist Heddwyn Davies’ between-song chat slightly awkward but it didn’t really matter as the three put in an honest and heart-felt performance.
Although initially blighted by technical problems, opener Wazoooo certainly got the crowd’s attention with its distorted bursts of violin and Blues Brothers-esque riff. Big Man followed, the song’s menacing feel and bouts of manic violin ensuring momentum wasn’t lost.
Part of the reason Davies’ violin worked so well was his ability, with the help of various pedals, to make his fiddle sound almost unrecognisable. On High Waister it became a mutated harmonica while during Dumpamundo it took on a distinctly synth-like feel.
Sound issues did make his vocal indecipherable throughout but ultimately it suited an introverted delivery, especially when it came to set highlight James Le Main.